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About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision…

Experience God, Experience Community, Experience New Life

We envision a community where all people have opportunity to embrace the depths of God’s love, grow closer to God and others, and live into the new life we are all offered through faith in Jesus Christ.


We recognize the sacred value God has placed on every person. So, we seek to be a community that embraces all people with the unconditional love of God. We strive to be a community where you can freely explore faith while you connect with God and others.


We envision a community where new life in Christ is not only possible but a reality.     

Our mission…

The mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

At Winters Chapel UMC, our mission is to teach people in every stage of life what it means to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ and to send disciples into the world so that we may transform the world by making more disciples.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do United Methodists believe?

As a part of the worldwide United Methodist church family, we adhere to a set of Bible-based and God inspired set of beliefs set forth by our denomination. To learn more about United Methodist beliefs, CLICK HERE.

Where should I park?

Winters Chapel UMC has two parking lots.  The upper/main lot is used for parking during our worship service and all church activities.  The lower lot is reserved for the use of our Preschool.

Which door should I enter?

Please come to the main front door!  If you are visiting the Church office during the week, our office hours are Monday-Thursday, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Please ring the doorbell for assistance!

When is your Worship Service scheduled?

Our Sunday worship service is held at 11:00 a.m.  We welcome everyone to our worship services, programs and special events. God has led you here for a reason. He wants you to find ways to use your unique gifts to contribute to the mission and ministry of His church. If a small church environment is what you are seeking, we hope you will let Him guide you to your place within Winters Chapel UMC!

What should I wear?

Jesus said, “Why do you worry about clothing?  Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not clothed like one of these.”

People come to worship at our church wearing a wide range of clothing styles.  As a suburban congregation, we tend toward being less formal in our attire. Wear what you are comfortable to worship in.  We are less concerned about what you wear in worship than about what you experience while you are with us.

Is there Sunday School?

Yes.  We are currently holding a small group adult Sunday School class which gathers at 9:30 a.m. and begins at 9:45 a.m. Our focus is growing in our faith, sharing time together as a family, and encouraging one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. We will be using various studies to broaden our understanding of the Bible and how it relates to our everyday life. 

Is there Children's Church or a Nursery available?

Yes.  We ask all visitors with small children to reach out to our greeters or ushers and let them know of your childcare needs so that they can assist you.

How do I join the church?

Becoming a United Methodist begins with a desire to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ as part of a local congregation. For United Methodists, being baptized and committing to active participation in a church community are the first steps to becoming a member.

Baptism marks the beginning of our lifelong journey as disciples of Jesus Christ. In baptism, we are initiated into the Christian church and incorporated into the community of God’s people, the body of Christ. Those who have never been baptized will receive the sacrament of baptism before becoming members. Those previously baptized will reaffirm the Baptismal Covenant as part of their membership vows

In those vows, we promise to faithfully live out the call to serve Christ through our prayerspresencegiftsservice and witness.

Please talk with our pastor about what it means to be a member and how to begin your faith journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ. 

Our Church History

History of Winters Chapel United Methodist Church

Winters Chapel United Methodist Church had its beginning in the late 1860’s. Early services were held in the people’s homes when a minister was available. The Hardman family had ties with the Prospect Methodist Church in Chamblee , Georgia , and occasionally brought the Chamblee pastor, Rev. W. A. Dodge, home with them in order to have worship services under a brush arbor.

Mr. Jeremiah Winters, the person for whom the church is named, moved to the community during this period. He soon recognized the need for a church. In the spring of the early 1870’s, Mr. Winters announced that Sunday School would be held in a beautiful grove at his home on the Adel Woodall place.

The need for a church was apparent. Mr. Rice and Mr. Mitchell gave the land for the church and the cemetery. Since money was hard to get, Mr. Winters said, “We can go to the woods, cut logs and have them sawed and hull us up a church”. Mr. J.W.F. Tilly sawed the lumber.

Work on the first church building was begun in October, 1871. That first structure was hulled in and covered in nearly a day. There was only a dirt floor for quite a while. The benches were slabs with pegs in augur holes for legs. A small soapbox like stand was placed on the floor for the preacher to stand upon while preaching. The windows had shutters and no glass. In 1882, Sam Jones, the famous evangelist, was responsible for windows and a ceiling being added. During a sermon, he made a remark that was funny and the people laughed. He said, “Wish you’d laugh up some sash and ceiling”. The people got busy, and ceiled the church and put in windows. Little brass lamps were purchased and they served as lights for years.

In this little chapel, the women sat on the left side and the men sat on the right side. Whenever prayer was announced all Christians knelt on both knees. Hymns were lined. About 1902, the first musical instrument was secured.

The first pastor appointed by the North Georgia Methodist Conference was Rev. George Gardner in 1873. The church had nine members at the beginning: Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Winters, Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Hardman, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Ware, Mrs. Susan Cobb, Mrs. C. N. Woodall and Mrs. Itura Womack. At the early revivals there was shouting. They had early twilight grove meetings before the evening service.

The first preacher to service Winters Chapel was Rev. Quillian. He lived at Norcross and served Norcross, Prospect, Duluth , Winters Chapel and Mount Carmel . Services were held at Winters Chapel only at night. The next parsonage was at Roswell . Rev. Strozier was the first preacher to live there. He served Roswell , Sandy Springs and Winters Chapel. The next pastor lived at Buckhead and served Sardis , Sandy Springs and Winters Chapel. The property for a new church was given by Mr. Thompson during this time. The old church was torn down and a new church was built.

The church was on circuits of two to five churches until 1948, when it became a full time church with a parsonage and a full time pastor. Rev. H.E. Garrett was the first full time pastor of Winters Chapel and the first to live in the parsonage, a modern six room brick veneer house which was constructed across the road from the church at an approximate cost of $ 10,000.00.

The labor required for completing the parsonage was donated by the laymen of the church and community. The church building was also improved by the building of five Sunday School rooms and the addition of a new front on the church.

As more people moved into the community, attendance increased in the Church School and Worship services. The facilities of the church building were overtaxed and it was imperative that additional space for the church school be built. In 1952, under the leadership of the Rev. Marion Pierson, a Building Committee was appointed. The following year the Rev. Ray Melear was appointed pastor. He continued the Building Committee approved by the Quarterly Conference of the church.

The dream of a two-story concrete block educational building, 40 foot by 80 foot slowly became a reality. Over 95% of the labor was donated by the members and interested friends. The building was completed in 1955. Its indebtedness was paid in full during the first year of the Rev. Marvin Brewer’s pastorate in 1958. The dedication of this educational building, which is known as the Ray Melear Building , was on January 21, 1962 , by Bishop J. Owen Smith. This was the first time in the history of Winters Chapel Church that a Bishop had visited.  Rev. Julian F. Thompson was the pastor at this time.

In July of 1964, ground was broken for a second educational building, which was comparable in size to the first building. This building is known as the Eula Jones Building .

Membership continued to increase over the years and reached to 560 members. It became apparent that a new sanctuary would be a great asset to the church and community.

A building committee was appointed in the spring of 1968 and detailed plans and specifications were approved by the Church Conference on April 6, 1969.

After a fund raising campaign and a bond program, construction was begun on the new sanctuary in June of 1969. On March 8, 1970 , a Service of Consecration was held in the new sanctuary with Dr. Frank Moorhead, District Superintendent present.

Three young men have gone out from the church to preach the Gospel of Christ. Rev. Ewell Blackburn, who was a member of the North Georgia Conference, Rev. J. B. Ware and Rev. Homer L. Morgan, who served as a member of the North Georgia Conference and then served as a Methodist missionary to Calcutta, India for forty years.